Welcome Troop 2860 Scout!

Congratulations! You have made the decision to join Boy Scouts. Millions of young people like you have made this same choice. For 100 years, Boy Scouts of America has consistently offered adventure, discovery, and fun!

You have joined a fantastic Troop. Your participation in the Troop 2860 scouting program will be the adventure of your lifetime. We’ll hike to the top of mountains, kayak and canoe beautiful rivers and lakes, bicycle wooded trails, and enjoy many campout evenings lighted warmly by a camp fire.

You’ll learn wilderness skills and earn merit badges. Over time, you’ll become a leader, develop self reliance, and become a strong young man. With the company of your friends, adult leaders, and the support of many, you will accomplish your goals.

Your decision to join Boy Scouts and Troop 2860 has opened the door to an amazing new world. You will learn time honored traditions and be fully immersed in the lore and history unique to Boy Scouting.

A small army of people are working right now to focus every possible resource on you and your Troop. You will soon be enjoying Boy Scout reservations and facilities that are the best in the nation.

As of this moment, you are officially a Troop 2860 Boy Scout. Your next Troop meeting is Tuesday, 7:00pm, Woodlake United Methodist Church Sanctuary.

Prepare yourself young scout! There are open grassy fields, starry night skies, shaded woods trails, warm swimming lakes, and much more waiting for you right now.

The adventure begins.

Troop 2860 Scout Master

Chris Barrow